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Return your lease

Schedule a pre-return inspection with AutoVIN, our third-party vendor.



Frequently Asked Questions

Review the most commonly asked lease questions.


Pre-return Inspection

A pre-return inspection is optional, but it's useful to be aware of possible repairs prior to returning your Cadillac. Schedule a complimentary
pre-return inspection to streamline the lease-end process. Here are three advantages:


Complimentary Service

Cadillac Financial uses AutoVIN, our third-party vendor, to provide pre-return inspections. It's a free service and can potentially save you money. You'll get a condition report for your Cadillac prior to lease end.


Peace of Mind

An inspection can identify any wear you may be charged for at the end of your lease. From there, you can decide to either complete repairs or budget for additional charges when you turn in your Cadillac.


Convenient Scheduling

For your convenience, you can schedule the inspection to be completed at your dealership, home or work. Contact your dedicated concierge to assist with arrangements by calling 1-888-816-0004 or email You can also schedule an appointment directly with our inspection provider by visiting and entering your VIN and Cadillac Financial lease account number.

Inspection Guidelines

Follow the excess wear guidelines below to get ahead of any repairs that may need to be addressed prior to returning.

A clean car with normal damage
Good To Go!
  • Fewer than four dings or dents less than 2.5cm in diameter per panel that have not penetrated or cracked the paint surface.
  • Panel scratches less than 10cm in length that have not penetrated or cracked the paint surface.
  • Chips (including legs) less than 1cm in diameter anywhere on the windshield.
  • Maximum of three chips allowed.
A car with a dent and excess damage
Needs Repair
  • Panel dents or dings 2.5cm in diameter or greater, or that have penetrated or cracked the paint surface.
  • Hail damage or punctures on any panel.
  • Panel scratches that have penetrated or cracked the paint surface.
  • Chips (including legs) equal to or greater than 1cm in diameter anywhere on the windshield.
  • Windshield is cracked and/or broken.

Clean upholstery with normal damage
Good To Go!
  • Any removable stains.
  • No upholstery holes on seats or carpet.
  • All mechanical items functional.
Upholstery with a hole
Needs Repair
  • Permanent stains
  • Any interior upholstery holes, cuts, or tears.
  • Any malfunctioning or nonoperational equipment

Normal tire tread being measured
Good To Go!
  • Tread Depth greater than 3mm at the shallowest point (including spare tire).
  • Tires must match manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.
  • The two tires on each axle match in type and brand name.
  • Original manufacturer wheels.

Note: winter/snow tires are acceptable on vehicles returned Nov. 1 - April 15, but must meet the above-mentioned requirements.

A damaged wheel
Needs Repair
  • Tread depth equal to or less than 3mm at the shallowest point.
  • Tires that are mismatched
  • Tires have gouges, cuts or sidewall plugs. Wheels with scratches.
  • Mismatched tire size. The two tires on each axle do not match in type and brand name.
  • Studded tires.

No defects
Good To Go!
  • No missing equipment or broken parts
  • Any replacement part that meets manufacturer’s specifications of equal quality and design.
Missing knob on entertainment console
Needs Repair
  • Any missing equipment (including keyless entry remote) or broken parts.
  • Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer’s specifications of equal quality and design.

  • View your total kilometre allowance on your lease agreement by logging in to your MyAccount.

Turn in your Cadillac


Complete all suggested pre-return items.


Convenient Turn-In

Upon check-in, you'll sign and receive a Vehicle Check-In Receipt and Odometer Statement that confirms you returned your vehicle. It records mileage at the time of vehicle return.


After returning your cadillac

flexible payment options

Cadillac Financial is proud to off an array of payment options for our customers. Easily make payments through auto debit, by mail or over the phone.

end-of-term invoice

After  you've returned your vehicle, you should expect to receive your End-of-Term Invoice up to 30-45 days after your vehicle has been returned, if applicable.

Available if you need us

Find Answers

Access our Lease End Guide and FAQ to find answers to commonly asked lease-end questions. 

Lease End Guide

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get in touch

If you have additional questions about your lease end or End-of-Term Invoice, contact our Concierge team.

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