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Finance a Cadillac To Fit Your Lifestyle

Drive as little or as much as you want, and handle maintenance on your terms and timeline. When you purchase a Cadillac, the choice is yours.

Cadillac Financial offers financing options for customers who are looking to finance a Cadillac and enjoy complete ownership.

Benefits of Buying

Financing a Cadillac gives you the freedom to:

  • Apply your personal touch with customization to make it uniquely yours
  • Drive without kilometre limits
  • Worry less about wear and tear
  • Own your Cadillac upon contract completion

Your Next Cadillac Is Waiting

Find the right Cadillac for you.

Lease or Finance

Decide which option fits your lifestyle. Compare lease or finance options before you choose.

I Want to Lease

The flexibility of terms and kilometres may suit your lifestyle. Find out if leasing is your preferred choice.


Cadillac Shopping Resources

Easily purchase or finance your next Cadillac with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help drive your decision.

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