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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare for lease end and get the answers you need.


You can turn in your leased Cadillac and purchase or lease a new Cadillac or GM vehicle, purchase your current lease, or turn in your leased Cadillac vehicle. For more information, view our Canadian Lease-End Guide.

Yes, you can transfer your lease to another individual qualified to assume the obligations remaining on the term of the lease. The scheduled lease-end date must not be less than six months from the date of the lease transfer, and other conditions may apply. For more details on the application process and eligibility criteria, please contact our Concierge team.

It may be possible to extend your lease if delivery of your new Cadillac has been delayed. Please contact your Cadillac or GM dealership to discuss available extension options. 

Any part of the security deposit that remains after the vehicle inspection will be refunded to you approximately 30 days after the vehicle has been returned. Please note that the security deposit may be used to pay any amounts that you have not paid under the terms of the lease. 

About 45 days prior to your lease-end date, you will be contacted by a third-party vendor, AutoVIN, to schedule an inspection. 

The inspection is scheduled with AutoVIN, a third-party vendor, at your convenience. Please advise the representative of the time, date and location that works best for you. You can also contact our Concierge team at 1-888-816-0004 to schedule the appointment for you.

It is recommended that you be present during the inspection to identify any necessary or required repairs prior to returning your vehicle.

We work with a third-party vendor to perform our vehicle inspections. Your dealership can assist with resolving items identified by the vendor that exceed the criteria for normal wear and tear before your vehicle is returned at lease end. 

Buying your vehicle

No, the amount on the contract is nonnegotiable and represents the option to purchase amount due at the lease-end date. It is subject to taxes and excludes any amounts remaining due under the lease or costs associated with the transfer of vehicle ownership in your province. 

All purchase options must be facilitated through a Cadillac or GM dealership. 

Yes, you can put a 30-day suspension on your pre-authorized lease payment withdrawals. Please note that this lease payment will reflect due per the terms of the lease until the purchase is finalized. Please contact our Concierge team to temporarily suspend your payments.

A safety certification, or any certificate of mechanical fitness and/or emissions, may be required in Canada when purchasing your vehicle depending on the province. Any certification should by facilitated by your dealer.

The purchase option is only available to a lessee or co-lessee named on the lease contract. If you’re interested in purchasing your leased vehicle, the purchase option can only be facilitated by a Cadillac or GM dealership.

Yes, you may purchase your vehicle at any time before your lease-end date. Your dealer or our Concierge team can provide you a payoff quote. 

Returning your leased vehicle

It is recommended to return your vehicle at your original dealership. However, you can contact any local Cadillac dealership to schedule an appointment for the return.

After returning your leased vehicle

The XS Wear Product has protection limits and exclusions. Please review the XS Wear Schedule included with your lease documents. If you need assistance, please contact our Concierge team.

No, we do not provide a refund or credit for unused lease-permitted kilometres or monthly total-permitted kilometres.

We offer various repayment options. Please see instructions below:

  1. Pre-authorized debit: Our Concierge team would be happy to arrange a pre-authorized debit at your convenience for any lease-end charges.
  2. Online banking: If your preferred bank offers bill payment with Cadillac Financial, you can pay via online banking. To see if this is an available option for you, simply search ‘GM Financial’ as Payee under bill payment options and enter your 12-digit account number and amount.
  3. Western Union:
    Form:                        Quick Collect
    Pay to:                      GM Financial Canada Lease
    Code City:                GMFCANLEASE
    Account Number:     Your 12-digit Cadillac Financial account number

    Please note that Western Union has a fee for this service. We recommend you check with your local Western Union location to confirm.
  4. Mail: Cheques/Bank Drafts/Money Orders can be made payable to Cadillac Financial. Please include your account number and indicate that the payment is for “end-of-lease charges.” Our mailing address is 2001 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 700, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4Z8.

Visit our Lease-end Guide to learn more about normal wear and tear on your Cadillac. 

No, you can return your leased vehicle to any local Cadillac or GM dealership by booking an appointment. 

Yes, you could be charged additional payments if your vehicle is returned late. Please contact your dealership to arrange the vehicle return by the lease-end date or our Concierge team, who can assist you with your specific circumstances. 

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