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Should I lease or finance?

Discover the option that’s right for you.

When it comes to leasing or financing a Cadillac, you have the freedom to choose. We’ve put together a “Lease or Finance Comparison” chart below to help you compare the best financing options.

Lease or Finance Comparison



Experience the latest more often

Contracts to finance a vehicle can last from four to seven years, but lease contracts typically run only two to four years. Gain access to the newest/latest innovation in Cadillac technology, performance and craftsmanship

Apply your personal touch

If you like to add a personal touch to your vehicle with cosmetic alterations, financing might be your best choice.

Mileage to fit your lifestyle

With a lease payment that reflects your lessee profile, you’re paying for the best part of your Cadillac’s life: when it’s new and usually under warranty. Keep in mind there will be a lease kilometre limit during the life of your lease.

Drive without limits

Kilometre limits exist on all leases, but some drivers don’t want to worry about keeping track of how much they drive. For those owners, financing a Cadillac makes more sense.

Potentially save money

Because you’re paying to drive a leased Cadillac for a fixed period, lease payments are typically lower than with financing. Ask your Cadillac dealer to walk you through the cost difference of leasing versus financing.

Worry less about wear

Depending on a lease agreement, you may have to make repairs to a vehicle if you have excess wear. Many repairs are optional if you finance a vehicle.

Control depreciation

Leasing your Cadillac allows you to contract a fixed amount of depreciation over the term of your lease. Upon contract completion at lease maturity, you can return your Cadillac or decide to keep it by exercising the purchase option amount displayed on your Cadillac Financial lease agreement.

Build equity

Many drivers want to build equity by owning a vehicle outright. Once you make your last financing payment, you’ll own your Cadillac or have the option to trade it in.

This information is for general information purposes only. For specific limitations, rules and restrictions on specific financing, contact your Cadillac dealer.

I Want to Lease

Leasing flexibility fits many drivers.
Find out if leasing is the right choice for you.

I Want to Finance

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Cadillac Shopping Resources

Easily lease or finance your next Cadillac with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help drive your decision.

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